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Bucharest Day or Night City Tours
standard 4 hours tour highlights and topics :
Military Academy “Carol I” – briefing on Romanian History – photo stop
– Royal /presidency Residence – monarchy versus republic in Romania
– University – National School of Medicine “Col. Carol Davila” – public health and social assistance
– Parliament House – Peoples’ House and Ceausescu Époque– photo stop or entrance with additional fee
– Patriarchal Hill, Church and former Parliament Hall –orthodox religion and modern Romania creation– photo stop
– Unirii Square first settlement of Bucharest as a trade center by Vlad Tepes – Dracula 500 years ago
– University Square , University of Science and Architecture and Urbanism Faculty – education in Romania
– National Theatre – art and culture heritage
– Revolution Square/ Royal Palace Square – last days of monarchy in Romania under Soviet occupation and end of communism last days of Ceausescu and revolution– photo stop
– Victory Square Government Building and Natural History Museum – today politics in Romania
– Residential district, Herastrau Park, Triumph Arch – EU integration
Village Museum Countryside life, culture and traditions – stop – or entrance with additional fee
Kiselleff Boulevard and Victory Avenue- Elisabeth boulevard – Bucharest of yesterday and today

Bucharest Jewish Heritage and Jewish roots

The city tour includes reminders of Romanian’s Jewish heritage and Jewish roots in Bucharest visits and topics of:
– The Jewish cemetery
– The Choral Temple
– The Great Synagogue – hosting Holocaust Museum
– The Holy Union Temple hosting The Romanian Judaic Community Museum – covering time from 100 AD trough World War II
– Jewish Theatre

Bucharest Monasteries Tour

Caldarusani Monastery

standard 4 hours tour highlights, visits and topics
– Vlad Tepes grandson of founders Mircea cel Batran,
story of his assassination, his secret tomb, and his nickname Dracula
– connections between Prince Dracula, Count Dracula, and movie character
– medieval Romania struggle against extension of Ottoman Turk Empire in Europe
– story of painting the church and its symbolistic
– story of former monastery turned on a prison (and later destroyed) for the revolutionary leaders of 1948 revolution in Romania
– First Bible secretly written in Romanian language part of reform in Orthodox church and Romanian culture Snagov Palace, last residence of Ceausescu, last stop before he was arrested and executed – photo stop
Caldarusani Monastery
– Influence of Geek Byzantine culture in creation of Romanian architectural still
– Visit places where monks pray, live, work and eat
– History of Romanian independent church and religion on Romanian territory

Castles & Citadels in Transylvania – 1 day Tour
standard 10 hours tour, highlights and topics
Dracula Castle /Bran and Peles Palace /Sinaia, or Brasov City
Departing from Bucharest pass by
– Snagov forest – story of Dracula
– Allied pilots memorial and Ploiesti city and oilfield
story of Romanian participation in WWII
Optional Coffee break in Ploiesti Mall
Passage to Transylvania – geographical and historical orientation with stop and visits of 2 out of the following places
– Sinaia mountain resort former royal summer residence, Peles Palace
Famous visitors and their stories
– Bran , the Dracula Castle, the surroundings and their medieval stories
– Brasov one of the largest city and citadels of Romania, his story and his place in Romanian economy, culture and education


Constanta and Mamaia – Black Sea City tour

Cazinoul Constanta

standard 4 hours tour highlights, visits and topics
Depart from port and stop for visiting
Roman mosaic Museum and optional extra History Museum – stories about Greek traders and navigators, Roman settlements and harbor and their habits , their influence on locals , on Romanian culture in Piata Ovidiu- Story about Roman poet Ovidiu who spent his last days here writing his famous Latin poems
– Optional walk and climb the tower of single existing Muslim Mosque for a high panoramic view of Constanta harbor- story about Turks and Tatars settlements and culture in the area
– visit Constanta metropolitan Church St Peter and Paul- History of Romanian independent church and religion on Romanian territory
– Promenade walk to Casino – photo stop – history of the first and most famous Casino in Balkans ( under restoration) and the oldest marine construction existing in the area Black Sea coast of The Genovese Light House
Continue to Mamaia pass by Constanta Marina and Beach for Nudist (closed today)
In Mamaia we admire the beach also called “The Miami” of the East, and shallow water by the beach
Opportunity to put your foot in the Black Sea and check if is coming out black or not
Optional extra lunch in IAKI Hotel, belonging to one of most famous football player of Europe, Romanian Gica Hagi.
By the hotel there is a large football ground “Football Academy G. Hagi” for youngsters.

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